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We provide cast stone fireplaces Folsom to customers all over the State. We have a wide range of products to accommodate any project. We can handle the largest of jobs, right down to the smallest of jobs. We'll give you a great job no matter the size of your project. Our manufacturing plant is one of the biggest in the country. We are ready to get started.

Cast stone fireplaces Folsom can supply elegance and luxury to any room in your home. Your friends and family be astounded with your cast stone fireplace. We have cast stone elements to suit any sort of project. We've been in business for years. We stand behind our products and our installation. We are experts in the field and can assist you on any sized project.

Cast stone is molded cement manufactured in a way to simulate natural stone and is used as a unit masonry application. It is intended to resemble the appearance of a type of natural stone and it is used in a way similar to natural stone. It is a highly refined and carefully manufactured architectural building stone. Cast stone is the best replacement for the common natural cut stone as well as other naturally occurring building stones. You'll find cast stone used for everything from columns to fireplaces.

Precast stone as a building material dates back centuries. You'll find that it was first used in France about the early 1100s. Their extensive use was first in London at about the 19th century and spread widely into parts of America in the 1920s. It really is now used all through the U.S. and the rest of the world and is very common.

A great place for you to start your cast stone fireplaces Folsom adventure is having a look at the products on our site. We've attempted to set it up to make it very user friendly. Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, or designer, you'll find the resources you need. If you need dimension data, go to the products page you're interested in, find the specific product, then click on the image. A pdf file come up that shows all of the dimension data. Should you need further dimension or other information about the product, send us an e-mail or call us. We'd be glad to help you.

We continue to add more and more cast stone fireplaces Folsom designs. We presently have a huge selection of styles to choose from, and we are able to custom make any mantel per your design.

Be sure to e mail us or call us if you have any questions about our products. We are always available to help in any way we can. We'd be glad to discuss your cast stone fireplaces Folsom project, including providing you suggestions or recommendations based on our years of experience in the field. Our contact information is listed below. One of our associates is always standing by to help you. We can provide pricing information, or simply advise you on your job. We hope to hear from you about your next cast stone fireplaces Folsom project.

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