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Thanks for visiting our cast stone mantels Medford website. We are one of the biggest precast organizations in the nation. We have thousands of precast and cast stone products to select from. Stop by our cast stone product galleries. We design and manufacture cast stone products and we also manage the installation. Regardless of whether you happen to be a contractor or homeowner, we are able to handle your project. Always demand the best from your precast manufacturer.

We first went into business many, many years ago. The business has changed since that time. We are passionate about always staying on top of advances in the industry. We continue to upgrade our technology, supplies, and overall skill sets. Over the last couple of decades Handalstone Medford has developed one of the biggest collections of cast stone fireplace mantels in the nation.

Cast stone is made from key source materials to produce a strong product. Such material may include cement, sand, crushed stone, properly graded gravel and coloring pigments in order to achieve a particular look and color. Cast stone is known for its durability and its sophisticated look. Cast stone mantels Medford are built to last.

While you're here, we hope you will take some time and browse through our web site. We have thousands of images of all of our cast stone mantels Medford and other cast stone products. If you hold your cursor over images, you'll get a larger view of each item. In the event you click on the image, it will open up a pdf file. This pdf file will contain all of the dimension information for each cast stone product. When you click on images within each gallery, you will get an expanded view of each image to ensure that you can view the projects with greater detail.

We continue to expand our choice of cast stone mantels Medford and other products. You'll find hundreds of beautiful designs to select from. We also can custom make any mantel per your design or specs.

With cast stone mantels Medford, you have unlimited choices in addition to mantels, which can dress up your fireplace. You'll see a wide choice of fireplace surrounds, corbels, over mantels, as well as other decorative pieces. You will find mantels from very simple and fashionable mantels, to incredibly luxurious and lavish mantels.

If you have any questions about any of our precast products, you can email us or phone us using the info below. We'd be glad to discuss your project, including providing you suggestions or recommendations based on our years of experience in the business. We can provide pricing information, or simply advise you on your job. We look forward to helping you on your cast stone mantels Medford project.