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Precast Mantels can be found in most high end luxury homes. However, with such a reasonable price, they can be perfect for almost any home or business.

If you're looking for quality cast stone and precast products, including precast mantels, you've come to the right place. Our precast and cast stone products are designed and manufactured in our state of the art facilities by the best artisans and craftsmen in the business. We use only best source materials for our products. We can confidently stand behind every product we make because of our commitment to quality materials, quality production, quality designs, and quality people working for our company. We encourage you to have a look around our site and all that we offer. We can handle any size project.

The manufacturing of Precast Mantels has changed since Handalstone Precast and Cast Stone started manufacturing high quality cast stone products back in 1989. We have always strived to provide the highest quality products. As part of that commitment, we constantly have upgraded our processes, materials, and technology to ensure our customers receive the best possible product. Over the last couple of decades Handalstone Precast Mantels has developed one of the biggest collections of cast precast mantels in the nation.

Precast stone is a specialized form of concrete made with various components in molds designed to simulate natural cut stone. You'll find precast stone used for all sorts of architectural elements, including fireplaces, columns, fountains, mouldings, and more. It has many advantages over natural cut stone including durability, cost, and many believe appearance. More and more people are discovering the attractive features of precast stone.

Choosing your Precast Mantels is has always been a great experience at Handalstone. We give you all the technical help and information you'll need to be able to make the right decision for your residential or commercial project. We invite you to go to our display room to view our entire product lines. Please contact us at the number below so that one of our friendly specialists can provide you with our excellent service and answer all your Precast Mantels questions.

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