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We're in business to help homeowners and contractors with their precast mantels Milpitas projects. We have a wide variety of architectural elements for any job. You can find these products on our web site, as well as in our showroom.

We have the expertise to manage the biggest of jobs or the most basic jobs. So whether you are a custom home-owner, building firm, designer, or anyone else, we can easily deliver your project. We've a major production location, in addition to a staff of veteran design professionals, fabricators, and installers. We're here to fulfill your complete precast and cast stone needs.

You can get basically three designs of precast mantels Milpitas that Handalstone builds: the first is a one piece mantel. This will be a fast and straightforward install process. The second form of cast stone fire mantels has two legs, which often is corbels, columns, pedestals, or alternatively figurines. The install procedure with this kind of mantel can be a bit more involved with modifications needed for height and width. The 3rd sort of precast fire mantel is among the most sophisticated. It happens to be well-known as a multi-piece mantel. In this instance, special aggregates like moldings, veneer cladding, mantel legs, mantel shelf, crown moldings along with other trim are assembled to achieve the cast stone mantel and surround. Each kind of cast stone mantel can include an over mantel to obtain a more grand overall look. The over mantel is encouraged for spaces featuring higher ceilings.

Precast mantels Milpitas are made from the very best materials. It simulates the characteristics of organic stone right down to the texture and consistency. Because the design versatility of cast stone, it helps to make a great substitute for natural stone. It is very nearly undistinguishable from all-natural stone. Cast stone will cost far less than all-natural cut stone. The install process is likewise superior to that of natural stone. When you compare both of the products side by side, we are sure you'll agree that cast stone offers a much better selection for your home or project.

Handalstone precast mantels Milpitas happens to be the most prominent cast stone maker and installer within the USA for many years. We are proud of our strong standing and endurance in the industry. With Handalstone precast mantels Milpitas, you recognize we'll never fail to be there to support our products and our services. We are blessed with a long list of happy clients due to our exceptional focus on detail, outstanding products and solutions, enormous choices, and customer support. We integrate the most recent in technical advancements to ensure premium manufacturing and installment, together with the time tested top quality we get from employing the best artisans and craftsmen within the business. This particular combination makes sure that our clients receive the absolute finest product and the very best prices.

A nice place for you to begin your precast or cast stone search is to go through our site. We've attempted to make it as user friendly as possible. We have something for almost every one. Should you need dimension data, head over to the products page you are interested in, identify the specific piece, then click the picture. A pdf file is going to open which contains all of the dimension information. In the event you want additional dimension or additional details about the product, send us an e-mail or contact us. We would be glad to assist on your precast mantels Milpitas project.