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We provide precast mantels Napa Valley, not only to the Napa Valley, but to all of Northern California. Our company has a wide variety of precast elements which will work for any kind of precast job or project. We have the skills and expertise to manage the largest of projects, or the smallest of projects. So regardless of whether you're a custom home owner, building firm, interior designer, or virtually anyone else, we can deliver your precast project. We have got a major manufacturing facility, along with a group of veteran employees. We're right here to deliver your complete precast and cast stone needs.

You will find primarily three sorts of precast mantels Napa Valley which Handalstone makes: the first is a one piece mantel. This really is a quick and simple installation process. The second sort of cast stone mantels features 2 legs, that can be corbels, columns, pedestals, or sculptures. The install technique with this kind of mantel is a bit more involved with modifications required for elevation and width. The third style of precast mantel is regarded as the most sophisticated. It's recognized as a multi-piece mantel. In this instance, different items such as mouldings, veneer cladding, mantel legs, mantel shelf, crown moldings, along with other trim, are assembled to form the cast stone mantel and surround. Each variety of cast stone mantel may have an over mantel for a more awesome look. The over mantel is encouraged for rooms featuring taller ceilings.

Handalstone precast mantels Napa Valley has become the most prominent cast stone company and installer within the United States for many years. We are very proud of our strong standing and stability in the industry. With Handalstone precast mantels Napa Valley, you know we'll continually be there to support our products and our services. We have an extended list of happy customers stemming from our particular attention to detail, great products and solutions, vast choices, and client service. We integrate the latest in technological advancements to ensure top notch production as well as installation, along with the proven high quality we attain from employing the best possible artisans and craftsmen in the marketplace. This type of combination assures that our clientele receive the absolute finest product and the absolute best prices.

Precast mantels Napa Valley Cast take on the characteristics of all-natural stone right down to the texture. Because of the design flexibility of cast stone, it helps to make a great substitute for natural stone. It's practically indistinguishable from organic stone. Cast stone tends to cost less than organic cut stone. The installation process is even superior to that of all-natural stone. Once you compare both products side by side, we are certain you'll agree that cast stone offers a much better choice for your home or project.

A very good place for someone to start your precast mantels Napa Valley adventure is to go through our website. We've tried to make our site as user friendly as possible. We have something for everyone. Should you require dimension data, go to the products page you're interested in, locate the particular product, then click the picture. A pdf file is going to open up that contains the dimension information. In the event you would like additional measurement or other information regarding these products, send us an e-mail or telephone us. We would be glad to help with your precast mantels Napa Valley project.

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