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We're glad you've found us here at Handalstone precast mantels Portland. We are one of the biggest precast organizations in the nation. We have built up a massive inventory of precast and cast stone components. Please take the time to go through our galleries and take a look at the many designs and styles of precast mantels we offer. We manufacture and install these mantels. Regardless of whether you're a contractor or homeowner, we are able to help you with your project.

Precast mantels Portland are a great way to add a little extra elegance and luxury to your home. We are in the business of making conversation pieces. Your guests will be speechless over your new precast mantel. You will find any type of product you can imagine in our inventory. In addition, Handalstone has around for decades. We stand behind our products and our installation. We are experts in the field and can assist you on any sized project.

Precast mantels Portland are manufactured by blending various materials and resins in order to produce a mantel that looks and feels like all-natural stone. In contrast, they get natural stone from quarries, and after that, cut the stone to shape. Each sort of stone has its advantages. But cast stone is more versatile in its uses. You have a lot more design flexibility with precast stone. You are able to create a mold for any size, shape, or design could you need. Precast stone is tends to be much less expensive and easier to care for than all-natural stone.

Precast stone has been around for years. Centuries ago, it was found in Europe, and over the years it made its way to America. Today, it's hard to find any luxury home that doesn't use precast stone. It's a very common product within the design and construction communities. Architects and designers love it.

We spent a lot of effort putting together a website we home you'll enjoy. It's very user friendly, and you will find a large number of pictures of our products. Since we generate more and more products all of the time, we are continually updating our web site and adding more photographs. So please continue to check back for more designs and products. For the designers and architects, you'll also find extra attributes such as our CAD software which you can use to create your own personal designs. It is a very clever application.

We are always available to help. We'd be glad to discuss your project, including providing you suggestions or recommendations based on our years of experience in the market. You'll find our phone number at the bottom of the page. One of our associates is always standing by to help you along with your precast mantels Portland project.

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